We premiere new music from Glasgow-based duo Céleste as they ready their latest release on Transition. The dynamic pairing conjures up an elated trance groove that pays homage to the fun-loving spirit of Scotland’s rave scene throughout the naughties.

Glasgow-based Céleste are at the epicentre of a new generation of Glaswegian ravers, producers and DJs focused on bringing the joy back to their hallowed dancefloors and basement clubs. The pairing has become hometown favourites from holding residencies across two of Glasgow’s most established clubs Sub Club and The Berkley Suite.

The duo have carved out a distinctive sound that is characterised by infectious rolling grooves, trance-fueled energy and tongue-in-cheek styled edits. With a treasure trove of unreleased music in their arsenal, the duo are locked and loaded with an amalgamation of genre-bending tracks that are set to launch their career into the dance music stratosphere.

We premiere their latest offering, ‘UFO II’, a blistering trance groove that screams mid 00’s ecstasy-laced fun. Blending classic Scottish rave sounds, from rolling hardhouse-influenced bass grooves to bouncing trance chords and blissful hardcore-inspired vocal hits, this is a nod to a simpler time in dance music. Grab your Buckfast and your battered Air Max, this one is going full throttle.

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