We premiere new music from one of the most exciting techno producers in Ireland right now – CULT. The young producer carves out a classy ode to 90’s tribal cuts that is as menacingly funk fuelled as it is bouncy and melancholic.

Rising from the shadows of Dublin City suburbia seemingly out of nowhere has been the young DJ & producer, CULT. His alias befittingly captures the phenomenon to which he has gathered momentum and built a legion of loyal listeners who have come to expect nothing but pure and proper productions, toggling between tribal and old school techno.

Entering the periphery of many through a relentless onslaught of self-released rave weapons, CULT’s sound matured into one more in keeping with the classic, groove focused sound of techno which characterised the late 90s and early 2000s. Warm and punchy low end is a constant component of a CULT track, laying the foundations for the tribal drum demolition which often ensues amongst the mirage of deep pads, funky stabs and 909 rhythms. Ingenious and creative sampling manifests itself through nostalgic sounds of techno’s past, whilst also borrowing sonic fragments from rave and ghetto records.

Considering this, the young Irishman has rapidly risen through the ranks of the underground groove renaissance, positioning himself at the forefront of the scene as an innovator and name to not be forgotten. Well-received releases with the likes of Deadline Records, Concrete Berlin & Kluster have helped cement CULT’s status as a groove dealer of mass proportion. With his music being played at parties such as Vault Sessions by DJs like Alarico & Future666 at an aggressively frequent rate, the producer is presently at the heart of the scene’s sound. With upcoming releases on an infamous Parisian label in addition to headline slots in clubs such as Dublin’s Wigwam and international debuts in France and Italy, CULT’s rise to the top, like his grooves, is sure to be fast and relentless.

We premiere his latest offering on AKTIVV as the young producer delivers a blistering tribal cut that wastes no time in getting to boiling point. Relentless tribal rhythms play across punchy low-end groove, and bouncing chord stabs. The young producer lays heavenly pads across the face of the funk-laden club-tool to add real sense of depth, nostalgia and character. This a strong offering from an ever-consistent techno producer.

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