We premiere new music from Philadelphia based multidisciplinary artist da 445.ceo as he features on Miley Serious’s 99CTS imprint. We feature ‘E.dancer’, a sparkling synth-pop experiment that leans on trap inspired rhythms while also showcasing house influences through acid nuances and deep wandering chords.

Miley Serious‘s 99CTS imprint welcomes da 445.ceo, previously known as gohda. The Philadelphia artist, audio engineer, and producer supplies the 15th release on the label, follwoing in the footsteps of high-profile EP’s from X CLUB., LU2K, DJ KETAFLUSH & more.

Although his musical tastes are influenced by a variety of cultures, Philadelphia and the surrounding mid-Atlantic region have had a significant impact on his thinking, approach, and ethos. Detroit and artists from the midwest have also had a significant impact. “posted in the back of the club, pt. 2” is a showcase of these ideas together with references from his prior work as Gohda. His sound is created by combining elements from the rap and dance music genres.

We premiere ‘E.dancer’ which seems like a subtle tribute to seminal techno pioneer Kevin Saunderson, but the track seems to flirt around with contemporary synth pop sounds, as da 445.ceo keeps things light & fluffy on this one. Creeping resonant acid lines leave a Detroit stamp while rolling 808 grooves look towards the midwest’s hip-hop scene. This is a delicate groove that is both charming and endearing.

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