Today we premiere a track from one of Ireland’s most talented but also under rated producers, Dan Ryan. Dan is back with another monumental self release, channelling classical musical sampling and intertwining it with symphonic breaks.

Dan Ryan is a Dublin native and has been making music for years, with some of his older tracks such as Housewerk from 2012 still finding their ways onto dance floors to this day. 

The Dublin native has been making tunes and self releasing them for over a decade. The somewhat elusive Dublin born producer was a resident at Mr.Jones in Twisted Pepper. Dans style is hard to nail down. But expect lots of vocal samples and breaks.

Dan’s track ‘Something Positive’ was a bonafide homegrown lockdown classic. The 2020 self release was accompanied by arbitrary clips, they come together to create an enlightening movement through the track. The track received massive support and praise throughout the Irish music community and within Four Four Mag too.

‘Everything In Its Place’ picks up exactly where Dan left off. The latest single is a bold and brilliant breakbeat take on classical music. A concession of spiralling strings swarm the track and create an uneasy but somewhat uplifting atmosphere. It’s an excellent use of sampling and complements the breakbeats and powerful bass excellently.

You can download the track through his Bandcamp as Name Your Price here.

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