Canadian-born, Japanese-based artist Demsky unveils his latest offering ‘Continuum’ on Tanukineiri Records. The single acts as the first glimpse into his genre-defying EP on the Japanese label, as Demsky shows glimpses of hazy euphoria beneath a pulsating club tool.

Demsky hones in on inspiration from the contrasting corners on his latest release on Tanukineiri Records. Bringing flavours from high-out festivals such as Asagiri Jam, Zizkovska Noc, Unkai Natural Camp, and Come Together Music Festival where the Demsky has played.

The Candian-born artist also brings a cinematic approach to his production through his various works on programs, and collaborations with popular YouTubers like Ramen Adventures. Demsky’s passion for cultural exploration and musical fusion makes him an influential figure in the global music community, promising to resonate with music enthusiasts worldwide.

‘Continuum’ sees Demsky flex the more club-focused side of his production capabilities. Built around a 4/4 rhythm and throbbing bassline, it’s purpose-built to evoke the sublime, with its celestial synth lines and epic, soaring pads creating a deep sense of reverence and poignancy as the track unfolds.

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