We’ve got a big Friday premiere courtesy of Denham Audio & Swankout as they team up for a happy hardcore link up. The pair for a feel good rave work out packed with jarring breaks, athematic piano chords and pummelling bass.

Club Glow co founder Denham Audio is no stranger to linking up with friends. Running the label alongside fellow break smiths ManiFesto, LMajor and Borai, the rave-focused producer has established the imprint as one of a leading name in acid hooks, lairy basslines and whiplash-inducing breakbeats, and here on CheekySneakers-he readies the release of five varied cuts of low-end pressure and sky-high euphoria alongside Swankout, Thug widow and CocoBryce.

Denham Audio have given the UK’s rave scene a fresh sense of intensity and vitality. The sound they’re pushing is steeped in UK hardcore’s past, but those bedrock sounds and genres have been spruced up, flowing into the buoyant areas of experimentation bouncing from 140 and 160 BPM.

‘Good Time’ does what it says. A cut of happy-hardcore inspired breaks beamed straight from the Midlands; there is just enough headsy energy to keep the chin-stokers entertained, whilst inspiring an emotional, smiling release for those whose infatuations lie closer to ravey keys and Bangface Weekenders.

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