We premiere new music from Vancouver-based artist Destrata features on Of Paradise for his first solo EP. We host ‘XL’ a dark and heaving bass-heavy piece of UK-flavoured breaks.

Destrata, based in Vancouver, marks his debut solo body of work for Of Paradise with his 4 track offering ‘Counterweight’ – a multi-layered, textured, and frequently hyper-real trip through contemporary bass-heavy club music. Destrata’s scientific approach to production sees him disassemble and reassemble every piece of a track until a structurally perfect composition emerges, putting the crucial aspects of UK-flavored bass and breaks under the microscope.

Counterweight shows a flow of ambient inspirations, demonstrating Destrata’s interest in more ethereal and fractal sounds designed to ooze through back rooms, sheltering the listener with a hefty lushness.

We premiere ‘XL’ a tribal-licked growling bass-heavy cut. Cut from the same cloth as intricate hard-drum grooves and post-dubstep influenced tools, Destrata displays a cocktail of UK-flavoured sub-churning club music. Vocal stabs and tribal percussion give the track a locked groove that is high-tempered yet remains icey, add some pounding sub punches and some off-kilter perc hits and you’ve got a classy piece of modern UK-inspired club music.

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