We start the week off with a premiere from one of Ireland’s most exciting new prospects in the world of funk driven techno, as Dylan Fogarty steps up to Twice Infinity’s sub-label ‘Groovecore United’. Dylan’s offering to the Berlin based label see’s the youngster lean on lush pads and nostalgic chord stabs for an infectious deep roller.

Dylan Fogarty features on Specific ObjectsGroovecore United‘ imprint, the sub-label of the Berlin based Twice Infinity. The release calls on producers from around the globe, complete with seven artists providing an array of 90’s influenced techno from smooth and mellow to hard and direct dancefloor focussed cuts.

Hailing from Skerries Dylan Fogarty emerged at the tail end of 2022 with a deep and lengthy amount of unreleased techno funk. The newcomer quickly impressed with a flurry of self releases as well as featuring on ASW, Rave Your Soul, Concrete Berlin & more. Ireland’s newest arrival of loop driven techno obsession has been gaining support from some of Europes most in demand selectors including DJ Heartstring, Tommy Holohan, Kettama and more.

Fogarty’s contribution to ‘Groovecore United’ is a slick slice of Detroit influenced techno. Warm and fluffy pads wrap around the groove whilst shimmering chord stabs take centre stage, giving a heavenly feeling of ethereal techno, but not deviating too far from the motor city. This is classy dancefloor driven techno.

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