London-based electronic artist and creative elshuffles is back with his second album, ‘who bang the noise’. The new album is a deep dive into elshuffles creative inspirations as of late, weaving through dark and eerie ambient soundscapes to rave-affiliated techno nuances.

elshuffles debut which came in 2021 was a collage of experimentation exploring different instruments and sounds. His latest offering who bang the noise takes a different direction, depicting the melting-pot nature of London life across influences from techno, ambient, drone, and electronica.

From the dawning ambient splendor of album opener fading poetry, you’re immediately drawn into elshuffles deeply atmospheric vision. And though the tone shifts from light to dark multiple times over the course of its running time, that attention to mood and atmosphere remains in sharp focus.

We had a quick chat with elshuffles about the release alongside hosting the premiere for ‘Give Me A Reason’.

Can you explain the concept behind the album?

I didn’t set out with a concept, but as the music formed it became apparent that it was heavily based on my surroundings which is predominantly East London. So it kinda became a soundtrack to my experience of the area.

Why did you decide now was the right time to make the album?

I’m always creating whether that be art, photography or in this case music so it was kinda the music that dictated it really. The music formed and I felt that the songs were all part of one project which is the album.

You’ve been somewhat abstract in your methods of production on this album. Can you explain your production process?

My methods are often changing, but in this case, there were lots of field recordings used. All of these were collected from in and around East London. I used some plugins and outboard gear along with guitar pedals. But a main part of the process was sitting down and using London as my inspiration. This comes from being out and about in the city, with others but also on my own, being able to take it all in.

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