We premiere new music from Bournemouth-based producer False Persona as he features on Typeless Records for a 5 track EP. We showcase ‘Damage Control’ a big-room techno stomper that oozes with rough-edged & hardcore flavour.

False Persona features on Typeless Records with a five-track EP that defies genre limitations. The young producer is best known for his illusive & high-octane style dance music, and his next EP is no different. False Persona blurs the lines between techno, dubstep, electro, bass, grime, drum & bass & more, as he builds a body of work that is a melting pot of contrasting influences. His undefiable sound continues to set him apart from other producers, as False Persona carves out a repertoire for potent & alarming dancefloor-focused music.

The five-track offering entitled Minimal Stares effectively mixes a broad spectrum hard-edged dance music. The record however finds solace in darker corners, perfectly joining different flavours of club-ready music into a striking offering tough as nails yet forward-thinking piece of club music.

We premiere ‘Damage Control’, the most techno-influenced track from the EP, as the Bournemouth-based producer ditches breaks for pounding four-to-the-floor kickdrums, haunting atmospheres, snappy & intricate synth lines. The word ‘big room’ can often seem a like a dirty word when describing techno, but this is in your face and militant ‘big room’ techno at its finest. False Persona clutches onto pulsating synth lines and hammering kick drums to make a striking piece of contemporary techno. This is simply made for big tents.

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