We have a special Halloween premiere from French DJ & producer Hadone’s debut album on his new imprint ‘Things We Never Did’. The debut LP entitled ‘What I Was Running From’ showcases Hadone flexing his IDM and experimental production prowess, as well as his ethereal brand of slamming techno which has made him one of the most sought-after techno’s producers right now.

Hadone is a producer, DJ, and live performer who expertly fuses contemporary and ’90s techno to create a distinctive raw sound. His anthemic melancholy has mesmerized people all over the world. Hadone is well-known for his distinctive musical style, and various illustrious labels, like Monnom Black, Taapion, Kaos, and Klakson, have expressed interest in his production abilities.

November 2022 sees the inception of not only Hadone’s first ever feature LP but also his artistically driven and expansive label project ‘Things We Never Did’. Marking the first release on the imprint, ‘What I Was Running From’ spans nine individually unique records, including a special collaboration with friend and fellow French producer Askkin. One of the standout breaks tracks on the LP, it was the first track they made together.

Hadone’s first LP is a revealing celebration of numerous immersive sub-genres paired with his characteristic sonic despair. It is a confluence of everything significant in current underground techno, fusing 4×4 brutal techno songs with more vibrant melodic pieces. The end result is a delicate balancing act between fast industrialized techno with a gritty minimalist vibe and highly electronic emotive cuts.

“Not only the music is destined to evolve, but the whole environment that goes with it will be rethought on a recurring basis” – Hadone.

‘Katy In Your Eyes’ is blistering trip through broken rhythms, scouring synth lines, and lush melodies. Athematic vocals and pads are the star of the show, as they showcase Hadone’s emotive side of slamming grooves, with a tasteful and gripping fix on experimental beats.

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