We premiere new music from Swiss bass boss Hermeth as he features on LA based Dionysian Mysteries for a 4-track EP. We host ‘Do Ma Ting’, an earth-shattering electro rhythm that is accompanied by glitchy hip-hop vocals and alarming synth lines.

Hermeth is one of the charismatic and encapsulating figures in contemporary electro &broken club. The masked DJ and producer delves into the powerful sides of electro, ghetto tech, and breaks music. He has been catching peoples attention since he first joined the Geneva-based Brainwaves label in 2019.

Hermeth delivers his long-awaited debut EP on Dionysian Mysteries, with remixes from AVALON and Buzz Kill. The Geneva hometown hero and Brainwaves Wunderkind has clearly etched out his own sound, which has become definitive in the electro scene, with a distinctive production approach. Infusing breaks with huge ripping analog bass lines and catchy vocals lending to its head thrashing charisma. Hermeth’s carefree “no fucks” attitude is contagious and effective on the dance floor, embodying the Dionysian Aesthetic.

We premiere ‘ Do Ma Ting’, a slamming electro groove that leaves flavours of Mala through to Drexciya as the Swiss eradicates any thought of a rule-book on his latest release. He expertly blends new-age club focussed electro with the dexterity of classic Detroit sound-design, while still also harnessing his hip-hop influences – ultimately providing a piece of work that bone-crushing embodiment of electro past and present, while still firmly holding his middle finger to any thought of musical conformity. This one should be played loud, and with venomous attitude.

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