Our first premiere of the day comes from rising Irish techno producer ‘Hunteryx’. The youngster offers up a tool focussed techno track that leans on familiar samples and shuffles to create a proper party track.

Arising from the ashes of Louth’s rave scene Hunteryx has become a name to watch within recent months. The promising DJ and Producer from Drogheda is one of many DJs and producers shifting their focus to hardgroove and 90’s inspired sounds.

Known for playing a party-focused brand on the loop-driven sound of hardgroove, Hunteryx has put his own spin on the sound, incorporating both rave and hip-hop-inspired samples. This party-orientated style of producing has seeped into his DJ sets and has earned him slots across Earth Nightclub in Drogheda, Centrepoint in Bowlane, and The Soundhouse in Dublin. He looks to add a nuanced viewpoint to groove-oriented techno, drawing inspiration from producers such as modern producers such as Dylan Fogarty and Tafkamp.

We premiere ‘Rock Da Haus’ a funk-laced slice of Chicago-influenced techno. Blurring the lines between formative hip-house cuts, rave-soaked techno from the likes of Joey Beltram and more modern interpretations coming from artists such as KETTAMA, Tafkamp, and young gun Dylan Fogarty, it’s clear that Hunteryx has a clear plan as to what direction he is aiming in with his productions. Shuffling hat’s play of a dynamic kick and bass section lay a slick and pulsing foundation for the track. Familiar vocal samples and rave stabs catch listeners’ ears for an instant dancefloor hit.

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