Starting our week off with a bang, as Galway based producer Intruder joins our ever growing premiere series with a jittering broken beat thriller. This is straight power, as reverb drenched atmospheres meet pounding bass drums to great effect.

Intruder burst into the Galway techno community in 2019 where he formed his identity of texture heavy and broken industrial sounds. Intruder’s name was quickly associated with high octane distorted rhythms, pushing off kilter sounds, raw aggression and dynamic tension. His productions have appeared on labels such as Occult Rhythm’s, Pure Hate and Crusade. Intruder’s track’s have a comprehensive identity, as his music is drenched in chewy kicks and clattering percussion, while continually being moulded by his love for rhythm and power. 

Intruder is half of the brains of Galway’s Sync Collective along with Elliot, who are pushing the Galway techno scene to tougher and darker territories. Constantly keeping a niche sound for the label and controlling the high caliber of artists that have come through while running night club events and illegal raves. 

Intruder has shared the stage with some of techno’s finest including; Dahryl, Special Request, Charlie Sparks and SHXCXCHCXSH. Intruder also promises some more large announcements on the way for the later end of 2022.

Intruder’s debut on Four Four Magazine comes in the form of a murky broken techno slammer. Intruder calls on stepping rhythms, heading banging bass drums, growling percussive swings and mangled stabs to create a rather frenzied techno thriller. The track leads from high intensity bass heavy hammering into murky submerged climates to great effect. This is industrial techno just how I like it; dark, nasty and rhythmic.

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