We premiere a track straight from Cairo as Ismael displays a flurry of breakbeats and off kilter rhythms in an experimental bass heavy experiment.

irsh started as a video series where ZULI & Rama invited friends, fellow Cairene artists and those passing through the city to jam. Yet shortly after launching the series the Covid-19 Pandemic hit and gatherings were prohibited, the series pivoted into compilation format to showcase some of that talent. The result, ‘did you mean: irish vol. 1’ was released on September 25, 2020.

Since then, the duo have encountered a slew of new young, up and coming producers and DJs from the local scene, enough so that it was time for a second compilation. ‘did you mean irish: vol. 2’ follows in the footsteps of vol. 1, exploring the territory between music made for the dancefloor and also for listening.

This one features debuts from Egyptian artists Ashrar, Assyouti, Islam Elnabawi and Seleem, as well as the premiere pairing of Yaseen with Palestinian rapper Dakn, while ABADIR’s instrumental grime track ‘Kabbut’ calls upon ZULI and 3Phaz for extra production. 

Expect trance, breaks, lo-fi beat science, and hard club tracks from KIK’s Ismael, Lebanese Electronic music veteran Liliane Chlela, multidisciplinary artist Omar El Sadek under his Qow moniker, up and comer Postdrone, as well as 0N4B a project by ABADIR and Onsy which features a video from multidisciplinary artist Castell Lanko, and Egyptian artists ltfll, 1127 and El Kontessa who return to the series with new sounds showcasing their eclecticism.

‘Faster’ is a fitful juggernaut as it jolts from breaks to bass. Ismael showcases eruptive synth lines, thrusting breaks, thick bass and unhinged euphoria. The track folds in on itself from section to section, an unforeseen expedition through gnarly soundscapes. This is top class stuff from the Egyptian producer.

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