We’ve got new music from multidisciplinary Dublin-based artist Jakliu who unleashes a fresh EP. We premiere the title track ‘Don’t Forget, a melancholic trip through saunterings soundscapes and floating melodies, brilliantly blurring the lines between experimental and club sounds.

Jakliu is a 27-year-old Electronic artist from Dublin, Ireland. Working from his bedroom, he aims to create music that is both melancholic and atmospheric, and utterly personal. Honing in on a deep and drifting sound he aims to take listeners on an emotional journey.

Growing up in Dublin, Jakliu has taken inspiration from various corners of Dublin’s rich music culture. Jakliu has taken pockets of influence from contrasting sounds including classical music, nature, and electronic music, thus developing a unique sound that blends together different genres and styles to create something that is truly idiosyncratic.

As he continues to develop his sound, Jakliu is poised to make a significant impact on the Irish music scene. His music resonates with listeners who are seeking something more from their music – something that is personal, emotional, and authentic. With each new release, Jakliu invites his listeners to join him on a journey of self-discovery and emotional catharsis. 

We premiere ‘Don’t Forget’ a melancholic yet haunting journey through fleeting chord inversions and crawling textures. Jakliu creates a somewhat cinematic feel to ‘Don’t Forget’, using carefully selected sounds and poignant notation placement, he manages to craft a radically unique take on droning ambient while also leaving a touch of club energy. This is a beautiful and eerie composition of textured sonics.

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