We premiere new music from rising techno producer JASØN, as he features on Transmission Rec. ‘Nibe’ is a locked groove that takes inspiration from the golden age of techno, as JASØN hones in on pulsating bass rhythms and syncopated tribal shuffles to devasting effect.

Diving deep into the pulse of electronic soundscapes, JASØN emerges as a visionary artist, crafting sonic journeys that transcend boundaries. As the founder of Numerus Records, he stands at the helm of a musical revolution, pushing the boundaries of techno and tribal groove.

JASØN’s musical odyssey began in the heart of the underground scene, where he honed his craft amidst dimly lit warehouses and pulsating beats. Drawing inspiration from the raw energy of tribal rhythms and the hypnotic allure of Techno, he embarked on a quest to create a unique sonic tapestry that transcends the ordinary. His productions are a fusion of ancient mysticism and futuristic innovation, where tribal drums intertwine with pulsating synths, creating an immersive auditory experience that transports listeners to uncharted realms.

We showcase his latest offering on Transmission Rec., which shows JASØN on top form, as he supplies a funk-fuelled techno-thriller. The exciting producer calls on bouncing bass tones, creating a dynamic basis for swinging tribal drums, instantly creating a groove-laced loop. Propelling redux-soaked chords push through the mix, producing a driving and straightforward ascension for a track that wastes no time in getting going.

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