We’ve got some fresh homegrown Irish techno from Izotope boss Jon10, to kick start your weekend that bit earlier. Jon10 channels deep and tribal rhythms on his latest release ‘Detroit Holds The Secrets’ as part of Sonic Intel’s all Irish VA, focussing on the groovier territories of techno.

JON10 has been committed to bringing hardgroove and groove orientated techno back to Limerick through his party Izotope. Jon10 burst onto the Irish electronic early in the year 2020 and has been rapidly gaining attention with stellar releases, mixes and his Izotope brand.

Jon’s style of mixing and producing is derived from 90s/early2000s techno, which is evident with the sharp cuts and thundering grooves found in both his music and sets. JON10 picked up music production not so long ago and is already embarking on a quest to revive the sounds that once graced the dance floors many decades ago.

Jon10 has recently released on his imprint Izøtope as well as a number of free downloads and edits, coming on various platforms. Jon10 has been refining his sound, and you can hear his sheer dedication to perfecting a vintage techno sound.

The Limerick native showcases a deep yet none the less pounding techno excursion in his latest techno offering. ‘Detroit Hold’s The Secrets’ is fuelled by emphatic bass drums, breakbeats, crisp hats and Detroit style dub chords, as well as sampling the classic techno track ‘Erase – The Secrets’. Deep and banging, just how we like our techno.

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