We kick off the week with some hardgroove techno from Izotope boss man JON10 as a free download. The Limerick based DJ & producer leans on hip-house style vocals as he intertwines them with shuffling drum grooves and and funk driven brass samples.

Jon10 is best known for his work with Limerick-based party Izotope, a key cog in the emergence of 90’s inspired techno parties in Limerick. The young DJ, producer and promoter has established himself as an interdisciplinary artist who is not afraid to venture beyond the cliche of advertising and operating a label. This desire has earned him the distinction as one of the driving factors behind the post-pandemic resurgence of rave culture in the southwest of Ireland.

Jon10’s groove-infused style of mixing and producing has caught the attention of many, which has landed him slots at renowned clubs and festivals across Ireland and Berlin, sharing the stage with some of the best artists within the realms of groove laced techno. The young producers music has been popping up on labels across Europe including Deadline records, Sonic Intel, Aktivv Berlin, and most recently, his debut EP Groove Assassination on his own imprint Izotope. His music has gained him a fierce reputation and the respect of many such as TRYM, Anetha, VTSS, Cravo, D.Dan and KI/KI.

‘Dirty Cash’ see’s the Limerick based producer lean on catchy vocals similar to those of the hip-house movement in the USA in the late 80’s and early 90’s which has been given a new lease of life within the techno sphere as of late. Shuffling 90’s inspired hardgroove loops play off rolling bass & fluttering funk samples. This is a jerking groove for the early hours of the morning.

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