We’re pleased to offer Irish favourite Kaycee’s debut single, ‘No Escape’, as a free download. The Dubliner’s inaugural release is a tribute to the 90s, blurring the borders between house, techno, trance, and the distinctive UK rave-inspired sound she has become synonymous with.

Kasey Keating, better known as Kaycee, has been a vital element of the Irish dance music scene during the previous half-decade. The multi-genre selector’s extensive knowledge of dance music has resulted in a productive run of performances since her debut on the scene. The sounds of the 1990s heavily influence Kaycee’s ever-changing record collection. Still, with her keen ear for fresh and innovative cuts, Kaycee’s ever-changing record collection boasts a maturity far beyond her years.

Kaycee’s ability to filter across genres and reluctance to adapt to a single sound has allowed her to fit in at many clubs and parties, earning a reputation as a chameleon-style selector. With sets ranging from progressive house and disco to pounding trance and techno, crowds can be left on the edge of their seat whenever Kasey enters the booth. Her debut release is a homage to her reluctance to stay in one lane, creating a dynamic dancefloor tool that is nestled in between a multitude of genres.

‘No Escape’ is a melting pot of ecstasy-driven sounds that is totally inspired by Kasey’s time on both sides of the dancefloor. Keating structures the track around pounding 909 rhythms, a hammering bass drum, and an assaulting percussion section that maintains the offering’s straightforward and driving approach while introducing subtle movement. The star of the show is the 90s-tinged hardcore piano line, which occasionally deviates in and out of the, almost tempting dancers with this joyful rave-soaked melody. Kaycee’s debut track is a no-nonsense tribute to the 90s, executed flawlessly and with lots of nuanced fills and intricacies to keep things moving and intriguing.

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