We premiere new music from Dutch artist La Vie Sauvage as he turns his head to cavernous and slow-burning industrial rhythms on his new album ‘Sauvage’. We feature ‘Cold Sweat’ a twisted industrial rhythm from the depths of hell as La Vie Sauvage takes inspiration from the violent drama of filmmaker Gaspar Noé.

La Vie Sauvage is a forward-thinking electronic music producer who draws on a range of influences to carve out a truly unique sound that he can champion as his own. The Dutch producer blends elements of French cinema, experimental pop, and industrial/deconstructed club music to create a rich, immersive sound that defies genre limitations.

‘Sauvage’ signals a monumental departure from synthwave-driven tracks into a dark, industrial and disinhibited sound. It is the conclusion to what La Vie Sauvage was working towards from the beginning and is the most exciting shift in the artists’s career.

Drawing inspiration from the violent drama of filmmaker Gaspar Noé, La Vie Sauvage encapsulates an unadulterated intensity. Raw and emotional, fit for warehouse raves and the mainstage simultaneously, he has taken dance music elements and repackaged them with an innovative edge, aiming to push the envelope.

We premiere ‘Cold Sweat’ which is a harrowing look into chiselled industrial that’s flushed with ghostly ambient noises, creeping synth lines, and apocalyptic sound design that creates a foreboding mood. The track’s cinematic atmosphere is laced alongside a heaving club feel that is set to wreck havoc on dancefloors.

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