Our first premiere of the week is a match made in heaven as Serbian techno connoisseur Lag teams up with Jerome Hill’s imprint, Don’t for a powerful 4 track EP. We premiere the track ‘Frka Frka’ a sub trembling club tool, this one is absolutely off the charts.

Serbian techno master Lag has been a favourite of mine for a very long time and his music has been a staple in my DJ sets for quite some time. The esteemed techno producer and DJ boasts a distinct sound that is characterised to be rhythmic, bassy, playful and groovy.

The broken techno boss has featured on acclaimed labels such as Mord, Elements, Upperberry, THEM & more. Lag’s distinctive sound has made him a favourite for DJ’s over the years.

The Serbian native also boasts a very reputable DJ career with podcasts on Hate, Slam Radio, DJ Mag and more. The skilled DJ can easily rock 4 decks with no compromise and all the thrills.

‘Frka Frka’ is a beautiful merger between forward thinking techno and old school nuances. Lag blends classic stab sounds with rolling bass lines, rhythmic drum patterns and classic lag vocal hits. Towering synth lines fly through the mix in the later part of the track, followed by menacing white. The whole track screams extravagant, it’s big and bold while remaining chic and dynamic.

I tested this out in Index last weekend and it tore the place the apart. This track is made for the club and it’s a monster on a system.

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