Today’s premiere comes courtesy of AK Sports as she remixes Lubelski for his multi-genre rework compilation which see’s some of the most coveted act’s on the globe come together for an impressive offering. AK Sports provides a dynamic techno offering that shrugs shoulders with deep sea excursions and peak-time techno trance vigour.

LA based producer & DJ Lubelski’s Happy Accidents LP was released into the world at the end of 2021 and fast forward to 2023 we see the project come back with a rejuvenated rework compilation. The EP see’s industry stalwarts such as Skream, Roman Flügel, Black Loops, Niki Nair, AK Sports and more come together to provide an eclectic package of dancefloor paradise.

This is the type of multi-genre, no holds barred, smack you over the head curation that anyone who’s caught a Lubelski set over the last year knows well. Fun, credible and creative – it’s most certainly a party.

AK Sports and I have been friends for a few years now so I was really stoked when she said was into doing this remix for me. She’s been on an absolute tear with gigs and music recently and I’m a big fan of her vibe. Madi took the whole concept behind Macrodose and brought it up a notch, bringing the elements into the world of psytrance and psychedelic mania.”

AK Sports enter’s the fold with a whirl-winded offering as she’s defies genre boundaries as she skims across the face of aquatic style left-field rhythms, squirming acid & no hold barred techno in-fuelled trance upheaval. This is a sonic trip through the decades as AK Sports references vintage production styles, and chooses to not conform to tracks specifically for the club.

“Taking inspiration from the title MACRODOSE I sampled a Ted Talk on the benefits of psilocybin on treating mental health, celebrating the research renaissance of psychedelics! Sonically Lubelski and I are quite different but I feel like I found a beautiful middle ground taking his modular synth lines and more organic sounds – flipping the structure to one with faster techno sensibilities with a more dramatic drop .. its definitely more chill for me and more aggressive for Jake and a versatile track were both excited to hear played out.”

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