We’ve got some fresh new music from Fuinneamh Festival founder Lucas. The revered producer is known for his powerful and deep cuts, finding inspiration in dub chords, deep pads and textured atmospheres. His track ‘Cosmic Background’ is an atmospheric trip through wandering chords and deep soundscapes.

Luke Reddy aka ‘LUCAS has been producing electronic music and DJing since 2011. Luke’s early years as an artist were not your run of the mill, first cutting his teeth performing at his own events which took place in the forest, open air events and raves, deep in the Wicklow mountains, these legendary parties became known as the ‘Keep Her Lit’ series.

Lucas disappeared somewhat off the DJ radar in 2015, when his ambitious plans for Fuinneamh Festival year one began, but with DJ sets in the summer of 2019 at EP, Body & Soul and at Fuinneamh we saw Lucas make a resurgence into the Irish DJ scene once again.

Lucas founded a new record label ‘Ogma’ in 2021 and it started with a E.P. with himself and Snakebite 616 the release received huge international and local support from the likes of Freddy K, Ed Davenport aka Inland, Elad Magdasi, Cici, Cailín, Mylo Spykers, Jon Hester, Taint, Aeron, Diarmaid O’Meara and more. The label will return for it’s second release this summer.

Lucas has provided a deep and driving techno masterpiece. This reminds me of some classic ‘Function’ releases, but has Lucas’s own spin on it. A big pounding kick plays of deep and whirling atmosphere, as drifting chords provide an entrancing kind of melody. This is a proper techno.

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