We premiere new music from rising techno producer Malditavista as they presents his latest release ‘Thor Lost Eye’. Malditavista’s latest release interwines nordic melodies with hypnotic techno rhythms to create a ritualistic club tool.

Malditavista is a rising Techno artist that crafts themselves on creating a unique blend of hypnotic and industrial techno sounds, but also doesn’t let genre define their output. Their tracks are characterised by forcefully beats, distorted synths, and atmospheric textures that create a haunting and immersive atmosphere on the dancefloor.

As a visionary audiovisual creator, Malditavista looks to goes beyond sound and create something that touches on textures & atmospheres, layering off-kilter samples with dark and heaving techno. The rising producer seamlessly fuses music with visual experiences, in an aim to make an immersive creative experience.

‘Thors Lost Eye’ see’s Malditavista blend nordic voices and big-room techno for a mind-bending trip. This is a deep dive into reverent cultural rhythms and contemporary dance spaces as Malditavista moulds the two worlds together. Potent atmospheres intertwine with deep and haunting club rhythms for a pulsating hypnotic groove, that looks to the past & future.

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