Our second premiere of the day comes from techno stalwart Max Gardner. The American producer inaugurates his and Cory Simpson’s Peer record label with a five-track EP. We premiere the the track ‘For Realness’, a deep and driving techno anthem.

Max Gardner has devoted himself to techno for over a decade. Max is now a regular fixture in Bay Area techno, performing all-hardware live sets at clubs and warehouse parties, organising his own events, and making his own hammerhead machine music.

Max Gardner’s sets are inspired by the strong, synth-forward sounds of Detroit and Berlin classics as well as new-school players from the Netherlands, Latin America, and the United States Midwest, and run the gamut of techno in its purest forms. He specialises in driving rhythms and sophisticated, long-form mixing, creating hypnotic blends that give whipped-up dancers just the perfect amount of nuance.

The EP ‘This is a Test’ makes a firm statement on Peer’s position in the world of techno moving forward. Building their endeavours upon a philosophy of artistic integrity, Gardner, Simpson and company bring credibility that affords their fledgling label early recognition. With two strong remixes from Insolate and Drumcell, this cements the labels names within the techno sphere.

‘For Realness’ is an excellently executed tool. The star of the show is the expertly placed hi-hats frame a dubby, vaguely Detroit-reminiscent melody that builds to a fever pitch before a sample of the track’s namesake takes center stage in the arrangement.

This is classic techno.

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