Today we premiere new music from French-based artist MRZ who supplies his 11th release of the year. ‘Nowhere’ is a strong track that is comfortably nestled in between techno and house, taking influence from both Chicago & Detroit for a swinging piece of acid-drenched funk.

MRZ‘s non-conformist approach to music releases has seen the French man release just under a dozen EPs and singles in the first half of 2023. While many artists must wait for distribution, pressing, and more, MRZ takes matters into his own hands, releasing a consistent flurry of high-end techno and house releases via his Bandcamp.

The French DJ & producer’s passion for dance music is simplistic and purist as he aims to share music to make people dance and smile. His 90s-inspired selection is between house and techno, by way of deep house, UK garage, french touch, jungle, and acid house.

We premiere ‘Nowhere’ a 303 focussed slice of shuffling grooves. The acid takes center stage on this as MRZ delivers a squelchy and vintage-style techno track. ‘Nowhere’ totally encapsulates the underground grit of Chicago basements as it jerks in the most jackin’ and unapologetic fashion. Churning 303 lines and jarring percussive grooves make this a simple but delightful ode to the classic acid sound.

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