We premiere some new acid-submerged techno, as n_o returns to his Manual Smiles imprint. ‘Definitely One Of The Songs’ is a heads-down churning acid groove that pays homage to mid-00s rolling Berghain-affiliated cuts, while also extending an arm towards contemporary sci-fi focussed Aussie drifting prog house.

n_o returns to his own Manual Smiles label with two percussive acid tracks alongside a 303-infused piano house remix by Azo. The label is pushing a club-focused tribal acid, trance and prog-infused sound that falls under the blanket term of techno. The label has seen support from the likes of Jennifer CardiniRoman Fluegel, Job JobseI.JordanHAAi and Priori.

 “I try and make music that could equally be found in distant spaceships, as well as deep in the vaults of forgotten temples. Manual Smiles is a home for this kind of sound, psychedelic music rooted in the past but with sights set on the future. So happy to have Azo on board for this one, her analog acid tracks are incredible, and her version on the EP adds a fantastic extra dimension” – n_o.

We premiere a murky acid groove from n_o as he keeps things locked and rolling on this one, using smokey production techniques to create a blurred acid techno cut that belongs to cavernous Berlin-based dancefloors. Syncopated percussion lays across the face of hard-laced low-end power and teeth-grinding acid synth lines.

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