We premiere music from Torino-based artist Ninja Exotic Machine as the duo debuts Early Reflex for their 14th release. We feature ‘Apple Brucho’ an intricate piece of deconstructed hard-drum heaven.

The Italian experimental duo of Ninja Exotic Machine debuted on Early Reflex with their ‘Red Ant’ EP. The Pho Bho Records affiliates Matteo Confetti and Kakofonico showcase their deep love for off-kilter rhythms and cinematic style soundscapes on this one.

‘Red Ant’ was created in a slightly different mindset as the production process was based around the soundtrack for a visionary videogame. It blends various influences from riddim and dancehall which have been rearranged into a weirder and more unearthly manner through syncopated rhythms, stretched vocals, and deep basslines – bringing the definitive Ninja-Exotic-Machine-touch to this idiosyncratic project.

We premiere Apple Brucho – a forward-facing take on tribal rhythms, fusing glitchy IDM crackles and swells with syncopated drum grooves. Low and punchy kick-drum are on display here as they set the scene for a leftfield look into classic tribal club music. The duo jerk up the BPM on this one and create a wall of sound, surrounded by a plethora of jungle-inspired rhythmic sounds. The rainforest meets space travel here.

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