Our first premiere of the week comes from local duo, pama. The pair have provided a deep house groove that perfectly soundtracks the transition into sunnier times here in Ireland.

Pama are a multi-genre DJs and Producers from Ireland’s West Coast. PAMA have released a series of EPs and singles, including their most recent track “One for the Road,” which has made serious production waves across the country.

PAMA have had a great affinity for all kinds of electronic music for many years, and they are looking forward to performing at a lot of shows this year and delivering a high level of excitement to the dance floor.

The upcoming year promises to be an exciting one for Paddy and Mattie, whose creativity flows easily at home in the west of Ireland, inspiring music conveying experience beyond their years. Over the past couple of years, they have enjoyed performing DJ sets, creating tracks and sharing their music all over social media creating an exciting and fresh sound to the Irish music landscape.

‘WAGMI’ is a deep and melodic house roller. The track is simple in nature but smooth in its delivery. Vocals are met with a wandering lead synth and a 909 groove. This provides nostalgia that you didn’t know you had.

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