We premiere new music from Austrian artist Peletronic as he features on RFR Records for a 4 track EP featuring a remix from electro royalty DMX Krew. We host ‘Sry I‘m Dazed AF’ a vintage Miami-inspired electro cut that draws on gliding chords and pounding 808 punches.

We premiere new music from RFR Records, one of the leading imprints in contemporary electro-funk. With previous releases from seminal artists such as DJ Hell, Zenker Brothers, Posthuman, Jerome Hill, and more, the label has been relentlessly pushing out top-tier electro and bass.

The label now welcomes Vienna native Peletronic to the fold as he features with a four-track EP of slamming electro, and he’s not afraid to get down and dirty. Best known for his tender excursions in classy deep house grooves, Peletronic turns his head to the sun-soaked Miami coast for a rough-edged electro EP. Peletronic manages to intertwine the lush chords and rich synth sweeps of his house music roots into a grittier electro package.

‘Sry I’m dazed AF’ is a smoked-out ode to hazy days following a jaunt on the dancefloor. Peletronic clutches onto his deep house roots as shimmering chords trickle over ferocious 808 thuds. Peletronic blurs the lines between the plush sounds of Detroit and the raunchy Miami groove to devastating effect. This is where Moodyman & Egyptian Lover meet for a funk-driven night on the beer, and we can’t get enough of it.

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