We premiere a soothing slice of deep techno from revered Dublin producer Rustal under his Peter Sweeney monarch. Peter’s track ‘Long After We Are Gone’ comes as part of his new label ‘Aduaine’ founded alongside Barry Greaves and Stephen Donaldson which aims to create a platform for their own music that explores the diverse landscape of electronic music.

Aduaine, a newly formed Dublin-based electronic music label presents its its inaugural EP, ‘Listen & See.’ Aduaine was founded by three friends and committed artists, Barry Greaves, Peter Sweeney, and Stephen Donaldson, with the intention of creating a platform for their own work that explores the vast terrain of electronic music.

Taking inspiration from an Irish word that denotes a unique type of strangeness, Aduaine embodies the label’s mission to support innovative, hardware-based electronic productions that push creative boundaries.

‘Listen & See’ serves as the label’s debut release, with the three founding artists from the imprint. The EP displays a shift away from the straight-forward club-ready style techno that the producers are known for, and see’s the producers showcase a range of electronic music styles, from driving electro beats and intricate techno rhythms to experimental IDM and pulsating breakbeats.

We premiere ‘Long After We Are Gone’ from Peter Sweeney, as he showcases a deep trip through space odyssey styled atmospheres as Sweeney finds himself in a soothing middle-ground between techno & electro. The lush track’s electro rhythm permeates a slinky style groove that is simply irresistible. The drums are accompanied by heavenly pads and a Detroit styled futuristic acid lead. Beautiful stuff from one of Irelands leading names in forward-thinking electronic music.

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