We kick off the week with some fresh sounds from Dublin-based techno DJ & producer JAMAAL under his newly coined monarch, Posterboy. We premiere ‘Let Go!’ a rhythmic slice of tribal techno that dives deep into the epicentre of the Posterboy project as the Hearpro boss blurs the lines between techno & house.

Dublin native JAMAAL recently announced his latest creative venture, under the name, Posterboy. The new alias breathes new life into his productions, as the youngster threads between soulful & sinister cuts amidst the Posterboy & JAMAAL monikers.

The new alias focusses on the deeper & more emotive sides of techno production with groove being a focal point of the project. The venture show’s the Hearpro boss approaching techno production with a new gaze, as he swaps thunderous kicks for pulsating bass grooves, whilst still clutching onto the natural grit that has become synonmous with his JAMAAL project.

The debut EP from Posterboy comes locked and loaded with 5 groove-laced techno tracks that lean on 90s traditions. The new package see’s the Dubliner zone in on driving sub frequencies, layered percussion and a dominant vocal hooks.

‘Let Go !’ show’s Posterboy at his most rhythmic, as the youngster flexes his tribal guns, creating an exotic soundscape that leaves dancers with one foot on the dancefloor and the other resting in the jungle. The pairing of shuffling tribal grooves and throbbing bass makes for an immersive trip fuelled by textured hypnotism. A commanding vocal and tense breakdown sections seal the deal on an impressive debut offering from one of Dublin’s most active techno producers.

The full EP is available on Bandcamp for free here.

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