Today we premiere some big trance energy as PRAYER debuts on Galway-based Rob Rua’s SPHERES series, under his Rua Sound imprint. We feature ‘Break Through’ a celestial turn away from snarling jungle rhythms into a heavenly piece of soaring trance.

We’ve got new music from London-based producer PRAYER as steps up with a genre-bending 4-track EP titled ‘Io’ on Galway-based Rua Sound‘s SPHERES series. Boasting an impressive back catalog of releases across Hooversound, Black Acre, and Grade 10, PRAYER has cemented his name within the UKs drum & bass community. Best known for creating atmospheric jungle with a focus on texture & emotion, his music lives happily in between cinematic and ecstatic.

Althought the London-based producer has garnered a name for creating intricate and delicate drum rhythms and kaleidoscopic sonic pallets within the realm of drum & bass and jungle, PRAYER does his very best to shatter listener’s preconceived conceptions of his creative confines on the ‘lo EP’. The Londoner dives into a whirlpool of rapturous euphoria for his debut on SPHERES, crossing borders between hardcore, trance, techno, jungle, and more. The piece de resistance is a non-conformist 12-minute journey of angelic soundscapes, yearning vocals, jarring breaks, and hoisted arps on ‘Reteoric’. The EP comes backed with a gut-wrenching remix from Tim Reaper that is as unforgiving as it is desolate.

We premiere a ‘Break Through’ a left-field diversion from 160 d&b into a trance & techno fusion that was built to melt dancefloors. Humongous pads and soaring arps shoot through the track as scattered bass drums meet delicate chord inversions, creating a gentle but gripping ascendance into the sky. The climax comes in the form of an unexpected four-to-the-floor kick drum, flipping this trance-licked piece of electronica into an unassuming techno weapon. ‘Break Through’ is dripping in acid and attitude, an unexpected yet welcome artistic pivot from PRAYER.

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