We premiere some fresh churning techno from Spanish producer ROI as he features on Wetland’s latest VA. ‘Selri’ is a gritty piece of functional and club focussed techno, taking influence from his Spanish techno counterparts Oscar Mulero and Kike Pravda.

The latest release on Wetland explores rhythms of endless fields alongside intricate textures and clenched fisted techno grit. The VA invites the likes of Asmodeo, iBOT, Isgang, Phase Objekt, Konstantin Darko & more to a impressive compilation of contemporary techno.

We premiere music from Spanish techno boss ROI – a tireless promoter operating in the North West of Spain playing an active role in artistic projects such as Fanzine and Cudbe. The Spanish techno stahlwarth is best known by his rhythmic and eclectic DJ sets.

ROI could be defined as a cultural agent, who, beyond bringing a breath of fresh air to the dance floor, tirelessly seeks to renew the musical language with brilliant ideas that make that experience magical, unique, but above all, so much fun. as accessible and enriching.

We feature ROI’s contribution to the Wetland VA ‘Selri’ – an abrasive hypnotic techno cut that soars in intensity as the track advances. ROI leans on pounding drums alongside a pulsating lead synth that menacingly cuts through the mix, giving an anaesthetic locked feel to the track. The track could easily fit into a horror film, providing eerie soundscapes and synth line that growls like a chainsaw ready to let rip.

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