We’ve new disco-infused house music coming from rising Dublin-based producer Rory Reid. The young producer showcases a 90’s inspired house groove that leans on French funk traditions.

In recent months Rory Reid has emergerd as a force to be reckoned with in Dublin’s dance music scene. cranking out high-quality self-released grooves. Finding inspiration from all over the electronic spectrum, the rising star has no qualms about producing music that differs from previous releases and instead relishes letting his thoughts out into the public.

The young producer has been collecting little nuggets of inspiration and putting his own distinctive mark on numerous releases, that weave through house, techno, garage, trance, breaks, and more. Reid has clearly been influenced by certain current electronic music heavyweights, with elements of Four Tet, Mall Grab, DJ Heartstring, and others permeating his work so far.

We premiere ‘Baby’ a super groovy ode to the French filter-house scene as Riory excellently samples Mo-Town-affiliated funk and layers it up with punchy house drums and excellent bass layers. Glitchy drop-outs and hypnotic flute samples make this an ultimate floor-filler.

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