We wrap up a solid week of premieres with some trance-infused techno goodness from Dublin-based producer Rory Reid. The young producer steers into darker territories with his new release ‘Get Low’, calling on sinister lead synths and uncompromising drum shuffles to great effect.

Rory Reid, a fresh name in the Dublin dance music scene has been churning out high-quality self-released grooves within recent months. Finding inspiration from various walks of the electronic spectrum, the youngster has no qualms about releasing music that is divergent from prior projects but rather enjoys spilling his ideas out into the world.

From house, techno, garage, trance, breaks, and more, the young producer enjoys taking little slices of inspiration and putting his own unique stamp on various releases. It’s clear that Reid has been taking influences from some modern stalwarts of electronic music, as shades of Four Tet, Mall Grab, DJ Heartstring, and more seep through his output thus far.

Reid’s latest release ‘Get Low’ see’s the youngster steer in a tougher and more direct fashion as he intertwines trance and techno to great effect, leaving trickles of the renowned Copenhagen sound throughout his new single. Pounding kicks and driving percussion lay the foundation for an ethereal yet dark passage through nimble grooves. The apocalyptic-style lead synth is the star of the show as it bounces off a commanding vocal, giving the track a dystopian feel. A nice entry into the world of melodic-driven techno from Rory Reid.

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