Following a stellar Global Mix from Roy Mills, we’re happy to present a premiere from his EP on his imprint Local Knowledge. ‘Aquatiqué’ is a deep dive into bass heavy territories, as reverberated drums work in tandem with spacious, considered sound design for a comparatively calm yet powerful club tool.

Roy Mills is at the forefront of his imprint Local Knowledge. Born out of events, radio, and workshops in Naarm/Melbourne, Local Knowledge, helmed by Roy Mills, is focused on community and the dance-floor in equal measures.

Crafting thematic bodies of work within its releases by combining gorgeous visual, aural, and tangible assets, previous releases have featured the likes of LOIF, Nice Girl, Purelink, and more since the first 10” by Hed Ardennes in 2020.

Following a debut on Room II Records, SE London via Naarm/Melbourne artist Roy Mills has appeared on Yushh’s Pressure Dome and Elkka’s femme culture, with his tracks picking up support from esteemed selectors re:ni, Laksa, Simo Cell, Danielle, and Yak amongst others. Now, readying his second full solo release, Roy turns in a set of genre-spanning, sound design heavy cuts, channelling his thrilling take on dance music into three tracks custom-built for different times in the club.

Roy’s track ‘Aquatiqué’ is a gentle, reverberated drum workout as percussion plays off spacious, considered sound design for a comparatively calm but no less club relevant closer to the EP.

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