We premiere an all Irish techno weapon from Rustal with Jon Hussey on remix duties for the newly formed Circuit Structure Records label curated by Offtrack. Jon’s remix is pure and pounding broken techno at it’s very best, hypnotic synth lines lay across hammering bass drum and percussion hits to brutal effect.

Simple but effective the concept has been in label owner Offtrack’s mind & in the making for the last two years. Circuit – A synonym for Loop. Loop driven techno of many structures. All things bleepy with a hint of the sound from the 90s.

Rustal’s sound is heavily influenced by authoritative techno figures, wether it be Claude YoungSteve RachmadShifted or Moritz von Oswald, the Dublin native is known for extensively delving into classic and contemporary techno sounds. Peter’s obsession for cavernous techno experimentation has landed him in some elite clubs, cities, parties and played alongside some of the world’s finest.

Jon Hussey creates expertly crated techno, that is categorically deep, rolling and packed with intricate rhythmic touches, but when speaking about Jon, categorising it is utterly pointless, as his evolution as a DJ and producer is incessant. Jon has released music on Irish imprints EarwiggleDelinquent Delivery and RLSD. His collaborations with the late Stuey Lyons [R.I.P.] are thought to be some of his best work, receiving widespread notoriety and support from some of the leading techno DJs in the world. Jon also notably had his work on RLSD remixed by Japanese techno icon Takaaki Itoh.

Jon’s remix is dripping with Slovakian techno flavour, similar to the sounds of the early 2000’s that were championed by DJ Boss, Bas Mooy, Jeroen Liebregts and more. The is a golden & dynamic loop, thrusting over pounding low end and sharp percussive grooves. This is simply beautiful.

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