We’ve got some glossy house music direct from Chicago as SaraProblem & Khadeeja Grace team up to pay respects to the roots of Chicago house. A rolling groove that takes elements of classic house sounds and intertwines them with progressive & deep soundscapes.

SaraProblem pays homage to house music culture on her new collaboration with Khadeeja Grace. Inspired by memories of the dancefloor, this new single tells tales of a dancer and the importance of dancing spaces. The single is in honour of Chicago’s living and breathing dance music scene, as the pair conjure a rhythm that can be categorised by the musical roots of their hometown.

Love This House is not a claim to be House Music, but more of a love letter to one of the birthplaces of my favorite sound. I wanted to document the importance of this sound and the visuals that came along with it in a way the stepped outside of what I love to dance to most. Filmed in front of the legendary Warehouse, (which recently received its Chicago landmark status) Love This House came with blessings of the most beautiful weather on film day, not one person parked in our way for clear site of the building and all love and laughter in the making. Robert Williams, your infectious positive energy is still there working it’s magic in full effect!

This delicately beautiful and somber ode to Chicago pulls the strings in exactly the right places, leaving a deep-seated sense of melancholy and nostalgia through drifting pads and deep chords. Poignant vocals and sparkling keys evoke a sense of wonder through this fluttering house groove. While this track is inspired by Chicago, its long & anathematic breakdowns are longing for sunrise sets by the coastline. Soul-stirring music from house music devotees.

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