We premiere new music from Slow Assembly as he debuts on Circuit Grooves. We feature ‘Sunrise Acid’, a lush entry into the world of rich 303 lines, snappy breaks, and heavenly pads.

Slow Assembly‘s debut on Circuit Grooves is a break from his previous work as Future Self and a definite move away from the refined sounds of Self Control. Instead, the grimy appeal of the underground is celebrated in this double A-side album. It’s an investigation of more raw and unprocessed soundscapes, a tribute to the producer’s transformational potential to disrupt the current quo. If this album teaches us anything, it’s that Slow Assembly is an artist that isn’t hesitant to explore the raw and undomesticated realms of sound.

With “Slow Burn / Sunrise Acid”, released under the fledgling banner of Circuit Grooves this coming July, the team is showcasing an artist pushing into new territory. In a scene where self-identity and sonic exploration often tango precariously, Slow Assembly marks an exploration of a new and distinct voice for Future Self.

‘Sunrise Acid’ ascends into a more acidic territory, whilst keeping the rough atmospheric, breakbeat-infused landscape. It’s a track that, despite its name, refuses to be boxed into the confines of a certain type of set. Its acid threads through the track, grounding the breakbeats and offering a tangible connection to its roots.

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