We’ve got some trance fuelled driving techno from one of Ireland’s finest producers, Snakebite 616. The Dublin based DJ & producer dips his toes in a euphoric mayhem while still holding onto raw and honest techno power.

Snakebite 616, formerly known as Nathan Jones has been on a war path since switching to a new alias, and received a heap of success. His track ‘Right Of Passage’ released on the newly born ‘Ogham Records’ is ageing like a fine wine, as we run further away from the release date, the track seems to be garnering even more applause. Receiving support from DJ’s all through Ireland & Europe, and has been an absolute staple in any set I was lucky enough to play last year.

Syncopated Records have had a similarly strong beginning with their label, as they approach their first year anniversary they present a new EP from Dublin mainstay Snakebite 616. Two strong VA’s and an EP from Modēm show a pedigree for high quality techno tools.

‘Finding Light’ represents the reflection of pain and suffering and how it is somehow intertwined with appreciating the love that surrounds us and the beautiful moments in life. A Dublin take on Copenhagen techno from Nathan Jones is a juggernaut of an offering from the label.

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