Stephen Mahoney returns to our premiere series with the title track from his debut LP on the coveted Diffuse Reality imprint. We premiere the title track ‘Revised Revolutions’, a gritty rolling techno groove that wastes no time in getting straight to the point, while poignant atmospheres slither around the dusty rhythm.

Stephen Mahoney‘s graft in studio has resulted in a number of EPs, resulting in his debut on Coincidence Records a number of years ago. He subsequently founded Shelter Records, which had releases from Volster, Aubrey, Lars Huismann, Flexure, Ben Gibson, and a Lee Holman remix. Stephen and Jamie Behan formed the duo Flexure, who had two singles released and played at New Faces at Tresor.

Stephens most recent endeavour and vocation Delinquent Delivery formed in Autumn 2018 from Lockertmatik, Nathan Jones and Stephen Mahoney. Followed by Rustal, Stuey Lyons and Jon Hussey and Jack Jennings and most recently Jon Hussey & Stuey Lyons, James Cherry, Snakebite 616 & Stephen Mahoney.

Stephen’s 8 track debut album on Diffuse Reality see’s the Dublin native draw dark and mechanical inspirations while still holding firmly onto his hypnotic sound. The album certainly reflects some of Stephen’s inspirations, as trickles of classic Regis and Surgeon cuts seep through the album. High grade functional techno from the Delinquent Delivery boss man.

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