Today we premiere Detroit inspired techno from Berlin based duo Subradeon on Rekids. The pairing wear their heart on their sleeves when it comes to releasing music and this release is no different, as Subradeon pour their heart, soul & groove into a five track EP that represents techno at its core.

Subradeon is comprised of Giuseppe Salone and Salvatore Iannotta and the duo have been releasing quality techno on some of techno’s most desired and honest imprints, including; Ben Sims’ HardgrooveDeetron’s Character and many more since their 2017 debut on Motech. Now returning with a heavy five-tracker on Rekids Special Projects, the duo deliver a release that takes influence from the genre’s history in the Motor City while simultaneously looking forward.

Techno producers and DJ’s first and foremost, Subradeon find soul at the heart of their work, be it via their productions or in their consistently evolving DJ sets, where the duo’s strong bond and years of collaboration make for an enigmatic mix of layered techno, house, acapellas and samples mixed live, often using the classic six-turntable-two-mixer setup synonymous with back to back Techno DJing. Giuseppe Salone and Salvatore Iannotta met in their mid-teens at home in Caserta, a small city just outside of Naples, and are inspired to keep the Neapolitan techno spirit alive and well.

“From the city to the suburbs, we are still struggling. For those who the job only means a piece of bread. For those who still fight for fairness, kindness, and for equality of gender, race, or religion. For those who spend their energy every day to move forward, even knowing that they will always be the last.” – Subradeon.

Today we premiere the final track on their five track EP on Rekids, Human Resistance. The pair channel classic Detroit style techno on this electrifying broken rhythm. Sounding very much in the vein of early Underground Resistance records, the track oozes rapturous energy and soulful spirit. Elating strings, meet encapsulating vocals and 909 power for what is pinnacle classic techno.

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