We premiere some high-caliber techno from none other than London-based Cisco Ferreira aka The Advent who joins Synthetic Sounds for a five-track EP with a remix from DJ Dextro. We feature ‘Two Zero Four’ a quintessential Advent production as Cisco turns the swing right up and craves out a minimalistic piece of classy techno, further cementing his name in the history books of techno.

Synthetik Sounds returns for its fourth release, following the release of Annika Wolfe‘s Saudade EP in early 2023. For the occasion, the team welcomes the UK-based Portuguese techno and electro icon The Advent, who brings The Plug Formation, a 5-track techno offering with a special remix by DJ Dextro.

With a long list of classic techno records under The Advent, Cisco Ferreira & G Flame, the UK-based producer has become one of techno’s most fascinating talents and enigmas. Honing in on a locked and loop-driven sound that has inspired a new generation of techno producers, and his impact is still felt to this day. Formative releases on Tresor, Confiorm, Kombination Research, and more echo through the history of techno.

We premiere ‘Two Zero Four’ – a hard-edged look into The Advent sound as Cisco showcases a stomping rhythm and a heavy stab that is meant to shake you out of the hypnosis. The London-based producer adds the classic Advent swing and signature claps, slaps, and snares, giving it tension throughout the ride while dosing us with a boost of energy that is needed during a marathon set.

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