Our first premiere of the week comes from Theiz as he presents his debut 16-track album on EPMmusic. We premiere ‘Infinite Compassion’, a deep trip through astral atmospheres and submerged acid lines.

After three well-received EPs on EPM, Theiz returns to the label with his debut album. Theiz’s 16-track offering ‘All That Remains’ is oozing with emotion and warmth throughout, as the producer infuses mood-setting short interludes across a face of lush techno & house sounds.

The album sees Theiz explores the deeper end of the techno spectrum that echoes the timely re-issue of Warp’s ‘Artificial Intelligence’ albums and Delsin’s re-issue of early Eevolute classics that have helped to define the genre, somewhat ironically termed IDM. Ultimately this is techno music with soul.

Theiz channels outer worldly Detroit influenced soundscapes on ‘Infinite Compassion’. Theiz holds onto a deep feeling of melancholy as plays around with classic 303 & 707 sounds, leaving the track in a middle ground of the past and present, something thoroughly associated with the Detroit techno sound that Theiz holds close to his heart.

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