We premiere German-born, US-based producer Tony y Not who features on fabric records 15-track release presented by new fabric brand Love Hertz. ‘From Here On Out’ is a lush acid groove that is crafted with sheer attention to detail, using intricate percussive rhythms and bouncy bass tones.

Rising producer Tony y Not features on the latest fabric records VA, a 15-track special edition release of the fabric Originals’ ongoing compilation series presented by Love Hertz. The third compilation coming out on fabric Originals also marks the first melodic, deep house and groovy electronic compilation from fabric’s flagship label.

Newcomer Tony y Not features the compilation with her track ‘From Here On Out’. The track wastes no time in ensnaring listeners with its hypnotic, pulsating bassline. The track’s production is immaculate, showcasing the expertise that Tony Y Not has built their reputation on. The combination of lush synthesizers, acid stabs, and carefully crafted percussions creates an intoxicating sonic landscape that demands undivided attention.

In the video for ‘From Here On Out’, the camera follows Tony y Not around the neon-lit streets of London at night, as the excitement for her debut Fabric appearance grows, including footage from the night itself, demonstrating that her debut was a real success.

Videographers: Jan Heitplatz & Louis Trillo 
Editor: Jan Heitplatz

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