We feature new music from Simplexia Records as UrbnMowgli steps up with a six track EP accompanied by three originals and three reworks. We premiere Cyberflex’s remix as the enigmatic Berlin producer serves up an squelching electro rework that sounds like the soundtrack to dystopian nightmare.

German electronic producer UrbnMowgli features on Simplexia Records for a striking debut on the label. The young producer has been carving out a name for himself as he seamlessly crafts music that defies genre expectations and has a talent for creating epic anthems while staying faithful to his infatuation with working his broken rhythms.

The six track EP see’s UrbnMowgli join label and party Simplexia for the first time. The crew have been hosting underground parties since 2017 and releasing music since 2020. With releases from Vince Void, Francesco T, Naux and more, the label has been honing in on a euphoric and kaleidoscopic sound that challenges genre limitations.

We premiere Berlin-based Cyberflex‘s remix as the mysterious producer brings listeners into the depths of hell, creating a whirlpool of murky atmospheres through screeching acid tones, redux drenched vocals and cavernous basslines. Cyberlex weaves in and out of broken & straight-forward four four rhythms with ease, creating tension and release at the drop of an 808. This is a triumphant display of apocalyptic electro carnage.

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