Belfast duo Nine Raths are delving deep into their Irish heritage and channeling their inspiration and history into deconstructed dance music. The duo have spent the previous months touring rural fields, lakes, and woods in search of a natural and broad sonic palette as they investigate what it means to be Irish in 2022.

The duo are most notably for their work as part of punk-jazz, spoken-word band Robocobra Quartet, Ryan Burrowes and Adam Smith are channeling electronic-inspo and exploring themes of contemporary Irish identity through their collaborative Nine Raths moniker.

The duo are blending the natural and digital worlds through 3D sound-design to create some of the most exciting and unique music to come out of Ireland in recent years. Nine Raths are pushing the boundaries of what is expected from the local electronic realm.

“I guess it’s an attempt to identify ourselves as modern people of Ireland, we personally don’t feel like we identify with the political and religious binary stereotypes of where we’re from”

“There are ready-made identities driven into us from birth, especially in the North. We feel more connected to the people and culture of Ireland than the UK even though we both come from backgrounds which don’t generally share that viewpoint, so we feel we exist outside those two identities. The same goes for the music, we always seem to find ourselves in between genres, never in the same place and constantly changing, always refining the sounds to represent our current selves and allowing it to evolve and change as we do as people.”

You can check out some previous remixes the pair have worked on below and we look forward to checking out the new project.

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