Following the success of last year’s ‘PEOPLE FEEL’ EP, Irish duo Nixer announce their first single of 2023, ‘Pleasure’.

Nixer‘s first single of 2023 comes out on Valentines Day which is fittingly appropriate day for the official release. A track with its genesis from a playful jam session amongst friends riffing on different themes. ‘Pleasure’ has evolved into its final form through the lyricism of singer Seán Keenan & production dexterity of Gearóid Peggs.

The harmonious link up between Seán Keenan’s poetic rambles and Gearóid Peggs’ slick production skill helped “Pleasure” take on its ultimate shape. Powered by a rumbling 808 kick, ominous synthesizers, and a fast-paced bass line, “Pleasure” represents a new phase in the Nixer sound. The musical sensibilities of 00s indie are combined with electro, Miami bass, post-punk, new beat, and synth pop in “Pleasure.”

The track explores themes both sexual & spiritual. ‘Pleasure’ delves deep into the Irish psyche juxtaposing the physical desires of the individual with historical Catholic guilt, shame and the lack of discourse around sexuality within Irish society.

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